Biography of Giusy Minervino, artistically Known as Venus

In a little town called Benevento, in the south of Italy, a star was born. Giusy Minervino, recognized by her stage name Venus, began her love for music at a very young age. Her journey is a testament to versatility, passion, and the endless pursuit of artistic excellence.

Early years and musical beginnings

At the age of 10, her prodigious talents led her to the Conservatory, a place where she would begin her formal training in piano. Here she improved her skills but also cultivated a deep appreciation for the classical music.

A lyrical journey

When Giusy grew up, her musical tastes changed. She discovered the power and emotion of the Opera, a genre that would captivate her heart and her soul. With strong determination, she expanded her musical repertoire and achieved a diploma in lyrical singing, showcasing her range and ability to adapt across musical genres.

The call of Rock and classical Metal

Despite her classical training, Giusy’s heart beated to a different rhythm during her teenage years. She felt the charm of rock, hard rock and heavy metal, taking inspiration from iconic bands such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath and many others. These bands influenced her style but also pave the way for an interesting musical journey.

Versatility on stage

Throughout her career, Venus showcased an impressive range. She collaborated, performed, and created arrangements across various musical genres – from gospel to pop, rock, hard rock, R & B and metal. She always demonstrated her adaptability and skills. She recently embarked on learning the electric guitar under the guidance of Marco D’Andrea.

Recent highlights

In 2023, she introduced her debut album, “”, with a listening party at the Rock ‘n Roll in Rho. She performed also at the “Festa della Musica” in Varallo and at “Canegrate Sundays”. She achieved a lot of views on YouTube with “My Evil Side” and “You’re the One” videos, bringing her music to global audience.

Future projects

Today Venus stands as a beacon of dedication, versatility and raw talent. Her journey, filled with twists, turns, and melodious tales, continues to inspire and resonate with people who likes power metal. As the world watches, Venus is poised to impress her name deeper into the annals of musical history.

In every note I play and in every word I sing, there’s a story, an emotion, a dream. Tonight, let our hearts beat as one, for the music, we are infinite.

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