Two-0-one-9 Cover by Giusy Minervino - Venus

Musician Anthem


For those who spent their years
Making great efforts
Doing a lot of sacrifices
And sweating all the time

They all paid their dues
They played anywhere
They knocked on all the doors
They threw them in their face

And every time the hope dies
Because of the presumption
Of those who rolls the dice
And wherever you want to try
There’s someone who is “better” than you!

If we’re born to sing our songs
If we’re born to play
For all the shows that will be made
We want to have a chance

If we live to be on stages
If we’re born this way
Let us be ourselves
On the highway to success

For those who write their songs
For those who sing in the streets
For those who have tried and tried
For those who have believed in this
For those who have come close to fame
For those who deserve and need it
For those who don’t give up
For those who still believe

Now we want our spotlight
Let our music break the night

Two-0-one-9 Cover by Giusy Minervino "Venus"

  1. Ouverture 2:56
  2. My Evil Side 4:56
  3. In The Name Of 4:36
  4. Musician Anthem 4:39
  5. Stop Kill The Earth 5:13
  6. Two-0-One-9 5:35
  7. The Gates 1:17
  8. In A Perfect World 5:13
  9. You’re The One 6:41

Release 05/05/2023
Format: DD, CD

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