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Venus is a new name in the national Metal scene; Giusy Minervino (known artistically as Venus) has sung, played, and collaborated in creating arrangements in various vocal and instrumental groups. However, it was only after meeting Marco D’Andrea, guitarist for Planet Hard and his eponymous solo project, as well as a record producer, that the idea of forming a band and producing the album “Two-0-one-9” was born. The album was written, arranged, and produced by Marco D’Andrea himself, with lyrics by Venus. To be honest, I didn’t expect much from this record, partly because of the unimpressive artwork (I’m not fond of disguises), and the inevitable intro, though not as superfluous as in other albums, didn’t exactly encourage me. But then came excellent songs like “My Evil Side” (for which a video was also shot featuring numerous guests) and the very intense “In a Perfect World”.

But most notably, the fantastic “Musician Anthem” (extremely melodic) and “Stop Kill the Earth” (truly sparkling and brilliant, featuring guest artist Alberto Zampolli from Planet Hard who duets wonderfully with Minervino) made me completely change my mind! Overall, the entire album is quite pleasing, even if there are some repetitive elements in “In the Name of” or a lack of energy in the concluding “You Are the One”, which perhaps is a bit too “sweet” and lengthy. However, these are details that don’t detract from the final result. The genre Venus plays is robust Heavy Metal, with strong Power influences, where guitars (Marco D’Andrea on lead has always been a guarantee of quality!) and the powerful and clear voice of the leader, Giusy Minervino, stand out. In summary, “Two-0-one-9” is an excellent debut album from Venus, a band that has showcased great potential from all perspectives. We hope the band continues on this path and gifts us with more outstanding records like this one!

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Giusy Minervino, artistically known as Venus, began her musical journey at a very young age. At 10, she was admitted to the Conservatory where she studied piano, eventually earning her final diploma. A few years later, she developed a passion for opera and also earned a diploma in lyrical singing.

Since her teenage years, perhaps influenced by the turbulent history of her hometown, Benevento – which was the largest Lombard duchy in Southern Italy – her profound love for rock, hard rock, and heavy metal emerged, unveiling new musical horizons. She drew inspiration from iconic bands that shaped the rock era: Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath, W.A.S.P., Queen, Rush, Rainbow, and Journey. She has performed, played, and collaborated in creating arrangements in various vocal and instrumental groups, from opera to heavy metal, both as a soloist and as a choir member and keyboardist. In recent years, she began studying the electric guitar under the guidance of maestro Marco D’Andrea, guitarist for Planet Hard and his self-titled solo project, as well as a record producer.

Through her ongoing collaboration

and exchange of musical ideas with Marco, they conceived the idea for the album “Two-0-one-9”, written, arranged, and produced by Marco D’Andrea with lyrics by Venus. Artwork by Annalisa Forcella (Alf project). For the launch of the single “My Evil Side”, a video clip was produced featuring renowned professionals from both national and international music scenes such as Diego Cavallotti (Lacuna Coil), Marco Campailla (Exilia), Marco D’Andrea (Planethard), Ekaterina Dolgasheva (pianist and singer), and Andrea Bovolenta (Planethard).

The album features Nordic tones of power metal as if there’s no tomorrow. However, it’s not merely another clone of Nightwish and similar bands. Contrary to the usual trend, apart from the exceptionally talented singer, Venus, there are numerous soloists that enrich the musical fabric with their gems. Take, for instance, the compelling rhythm that strikes crisply, and Marco D’Andrea’s guitar that reigns supreme in “My Evil Side”. And how can one overlook the endless howl that breaks all barriers in “Stop Kill the Earth”? Or the electric storm of electrifying strings in the title track “Two-0-one-9”? Amidst all this metallic grandeur, melodically captivating, a ballad like “You Are the One” is a must, which perfectly concludes an album to be thoroughly enjoyed.


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