Two-0-one-9 Cover by Giusy Minervino - Venus

You’re the One


And then we met by chance
We were young…
And then we met again
We’ve grown old
The fate wrenched us apart
But we couldn’t say goodbye
We took care of us
With every word
With every hug
Now I realized
You’re the one for me
Even if we are apart
We are joined and free
Whatever will happen we will be okay
Together we’ll go down this love highway
I’ve got you in my heart please hold me tight
‘Cause we know who we are

Time is passing by
I have you in my head
I have you in my soul
You didn’t leave me alone
You didn’t make me lose control

We’re learning each other
To live and to love
We’re bound to one another
I promised you nothing
But only my heart
It’s you and it’s me
we’ll climb to the stars
You’re the one
A loving life for us

You’re the one you

Two-0-one-9 Cover by Giusy Minervino "Venus"

  1. Ouverture 2:56
  2. My Evil Side 4:56
  3. In The Name Of 4:36
  4. Musician Anthem 4:39
  5. Stop Kill The Earth 5:13
  6. Two-0-One-9 5:35
  7. The Gates 1:17
  8. In A Perfect World 5:13
  9. You’re The One 6:41

Release 05/05/2023
Format: DD, CD

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